About Us

Our History

NationScapes formerly Keesen Lawn Sprinkler originally began its operations in 1947 founded by Anthony Keesen as a “one man show” and grew into a large full scale landscape company completing many notable projects including golf courses and subdivisions. The Company was also known for the manufacturing and fabrication of their own sprinkler heads in addition to many other irrigation parts. After a series of transactions, Keesen eventually exited commercial projects and focused primarily on residential projects and was run by Ray Keesen. 

The Company was eventually passed to Larry Keesen and Dwayne Vankooten, creater of the poly stretch coupling, who jointly owned and ran Keesen Lawn Sprinkler until Dwayne bought out Larry Keesen who went on to found Keesen Water Management.  Dwayne owned Keesen Lawn Sprinkler until 1995 when he sold the business to employee, Al Pearson.  The Company was owned and run by Al Pearson until 2019 when the business was sold to Nate Farley, founder of NationScapes. The Company continues to honor its irrigation past while also looking for new opportunities to expand and lead innovation in landscapes across the greater Denver area.